Jayquan : Lets start with who the original members of the Boogie Boys are..there seems to be confusion.


Boogie Knight (Delight) : Me and Kool Ski are the original members...I was the only one who had a deal with Capitol records though. And Romeo JD grew up with me ; he did some back ground vocals on our first Capitol single " Zodiac / Shake & Break / Breakdancer " . Ted Currier...the producer who did "Atomic Dog" with George Clinton was our producer.....Kool Ski had a disagreement with Ted which left me with a deal.I did 90% of the City Life Lp that had the smash " Fly Girl " and " You aint Fresh " . Ted added Romeo Jd and Lil Rahiem...they took pictures and made a video for "You Aint Fresh" without me !!!! Thats my voice through the whole song....they lipsynced . Man I got booed at shows because people thought that I wasnt the real one on that song!


JQ : Damn..thats foul....You and Kool Ski had a song with Mike and Dave right ?


BK: Yeah..."Rappin Aint No Thang" it was produced by Dj Darryl C from the Crash Crew.


JQ : Sly Fox had a song with the same beat as Fly Girl...what was the deal with that.


BK : Actually that joint came out first and flopped !!! We were all with Platinum Vibe productions so I justtook the throw away parts from that beat and flipped it....Fly Girl blew up and the Sly Fox joint was rereleased.Then when Melle Mel split from Flash ; his new Crew used our beat from "Breakdancer" .


JQ: Yeah for "The Truth" thats my song on that lp. You cats were always very beat oriented..very stripped down...real Hip Hop ...what happened on the 2nd lp..."Survival Of the Freshest " ?


BK : Capital Records...they wanted all that singing and shit....people dont wanna hear emcees sing....Love List Run It and Girl Talk was the best joints on there.


JQ: Yeah "Run It" was a classic...I remember seein you on Video Soul with Donnie Simpson...what lp were you promoting ?


BK: "Survival Of The Freshest".


JQ: You and Romeo did an Lp after that right ?


BK: Yeah Romeo Knight....that should have never been side had some solid Hip Hop but the A side was a lot of R & B .


JQ : So are you still writing ?


BK: Yeah no new name is doin stuff with the Crash Crew...shows and workin with Yoda and my man Reggie Reg helped me through some stuff....thats my peoples .


JQ: Hit me with your stuff when it drops.....its an honor to speak with you...I grew up on your stuff...City Life stayed in my walkman !! In fact when I got my first real job at age 15 ; I used to walk to work...that tape held me  down !!!! It always reminds me of that when I hear that lp.....What is your honest opinion of todays so called Hip Hop ?


BK : I think that all elements need to be know...the Graf , Dj and Breakin elements are ignored by the media !! What good does it do to have a Graf section in your magazine ; but its one page and its in the very back of the 105 of 109...knowwhatimsayin?...I just attended a Zulu Nation party and ALL elements were of all colors breakin the whole was beautiful....



2005 5 Mic Media     As told to JayQuan July 11 2001

*Unfortunately Kid Delight passed away a few months after this interview R.I.P.