The Call Out   By J.D.L.

                  Of The Cold Crush Brothers

                                 As Told To Troy L. Smith


 Well it happened on a Thursday night. It was the grand opening of “Skate Fever”. A roller rink on Macombs Rd in the Bronx, (across the street from the Ecstasy garage) It use to be called Jerome roller rink until Sal, the owner of “Disco Fever” bought it. It was real big and spacious and had a hollow wooden stage in the middle of the skating rink. So if somebody was performing the crowd could either skate around them or if it was real crowded just stand, dance and watch the ghetto superstars perform. However when Sal bought it he had it remodeled. He built a stage upstairs elevated next to the D.J. booth. He also built a bar and dance floor downstairs that had that had a big screen T.V. so the downstairs crowd could see the performers perform while enjoying their drinks. He did not take down the stage in the middle of the rink. It just was never used anymore. A lot of groups came that night for the grand opening of “Skate Fever”.  It was the winter time, this was after the Busy Bee, Moe Dee battle and Cold Crush vs The Fantastic 5. Star Child was the D.J. for the night and when Star Child plays whoever comes in gets acknowledged on the mic. So in attendance that night was Kurtis Blow, Love bug Star ski, Busy Bee, Dougie Fresh, Treacherous 3, Fantastic Five and us….The Cold Crush Brothers. Fearless Four was performing that night. The Furious Five and the Treacherous 3 was already having beef with each other atcoldcrush.jpg (9363 bytes) the time. The Hip-Hop world was just waiting for the battle to jump off anyway. The party was jumping hard, jammed packed. All the M.C. crews was playing high post (meaning each crew was positioned in the party) not really mingling with one another even though some groups was cool with each other. Us (Cold Crush) and Fantastic wasn’t cool, they wasn’t digging us too much cause they couldn’t handle the fact that even though they won that battle -  in reality we really won, just listen to the tape. The truth was that after the battle their careers went down and ours went up, to the point that we ran N.Y.C. and it was all about us! So it was a little tension in the air but they did not want it with the Cold Crush 4! So the Fearless 4 got on. They were dressed in leather suits. The M.C.s had on red leather suits, the D.j.s had on white leather suits. So  a lot of people came from downstairs and the skating stopped and the Fearless Four did their show, which is a f4.jpg (25038 bytes)real good show too because the Fearless is a real combination of the Treacherous 3 and the Cold Crush with their own signature flair and pizzazz rolled in one. They was well respected for being that way. That’s why we formed the alliance (Cold Crush, Treacherous 3, Fearless 4 and Dougie Fresh), cause we were all each others mirror. They was doing their show and the crowd was responding to them real well and in the middle of the show, (I think they was doing their hit “Problems of the World”) a tour bus pulls up in front of the skating rink and the bus said “Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five” on the side. Everyone could see the bus because the front of the rink has a big see through glass window. So the bus door opens and in walks Flash, E-Z Mike, Mele Mel, Scorpio, Rahiem, Kid Creole and Cowboy (R.I.P.) dressed to a tee! With no security! They had on tailored leather suits with mink vest, Mele Mel had an exclusive black mink vest with a bunch of little minks biting on the edges of the whole vest. So they came through stomping their way to the old stage. Flash and E-Z Mike went towards the D.J. booth. When Flash got to the D.j. booth he made O.C. and Crazy Eddie cut the music off, by this time the Fearless show was stopped and they didn’t know what was going on, all they could see is the Furious Five up on the stage stomping around causing a crowd frenzy and you could hear people say “oh shit”, “oh shit”, and being that the old stage is hollow, the stomping from the boots is making a loud bassy sound. The crowd is wondering what’s going on, the Fearless is tight now they are coming down from the new stage to see what is going on. All the M.C. groups are looking at them like what the fuck is these cats up to now, interrupting the Fearless 4 show. Now all the groups are in a B.Boy stance at this time. That’s when Mele Mel screamed out to Flash “send a mic down here” E-Z Mike and one of the other weekday house D.j.s set up 4 mics with stands. Now shit is getting quiet cause everybody wants to see what they have to say. The mics come on and they check them and Mel starts off by saying “The Furious and mysterious ever so serious five m.c.s in this mother fucker and we just came off tour as you can see our bus is right outside and we are the number one group in the world. So we come home from tour and we hear motherfuckers talking shit about us, like we ain’t got it no more and all we got is records and we can’t fuck with this crew or that crew. And you hear Cowboy in the back ground saying “say some names Mel say some names” Then Mel said “Naw I ain’t going to say names, they know who they are” The crowd was feeling all the hoopla and was amped up on the fact that something was going down tonight. People in the crowd was looking at groups. I looked over at the Treacherous 3 as they approached where we were. Around this time the groups all started forming on the rail facing the Furious 5. I was getting a feeling in my stomach that what they was saying was a message sent indirectly to us and the Treacherous. Everybody in Skate Fever was in awe the way the Furious 5 was prancing around striking all kinds of poses. The people also knew that when they leave that night they will have a story to  tell those who did not attend, what will go down in history as “The Call Out”.

 So we were standing there listening to them pop mad shit and I really wanted to step to them right then and there but Caz was like “Chill L., Chill” So I chilled and watched them carry on. So Cowboy said “fuck that I’m going to say names” and he say’s “we talking about Busy Bee, Fantastic 5, The Treacherous 3 and especially the Cold Crush 4” Now Mele Mel said we got one thousand dollars cash right here” and he takes two nice stacks of bills and slams them together in front of him. The crowd was buggin' now as Mele Mel continues, and says “Yall can come up crew by crew or y'all can gang up together but whatever way it goes we are ready to battle all y'all right now” this time you can see Kool Moe Dee and L.A. Sunshine breaking on the Furious saying "le'ts go anytime any place”. I totally flipped out on them and started barking on them with some “Cowboy you ain’t shit and the rest of y'all is riding on Mele Mel’s coat tail cause he write all y'all shit. Cowboy was saying “i’ll take you out, i’ll take you out” and I was like “come on, all y'all”, “come on fuck y'all” , “y'all just jealous cause we run shit”!!! Fantastic was saying something and then about as minute later they (Furious) walked out and got back on the bus. “The call out” has been made in front of a capacity crowd on the grand opening of “Skate Fever” The Furious 5 definitely showed their asses that night. Out of all the groups that were there that night it was only one group there, that would have given them a run for their money and that was the Treacherous 3. However there was another group that was there that night that would have busted the Furious Five’s  ass and set the record straight once and for all!!! The only group in there that nobody wanted it with period!….. AND THAT’S CHARLIE CHASE, TONEY TONE AND THE COLD CRUSHIN MOTHER FUCKIN' TOUGH ASS FOUR EMCEE’S!!!!!!!!! And The Furious knew this!!!! I will explain why.

                                                     t3blo.jpg (40115 bytes)Later on that night when me and Caz went to Disco Fever for the after party, while we was in the V.I.P. room Mele Mel had came in, so I was like “yo Mel what’s up with that shit yall pulled tonight? He told us that they had to do it that way because they been on tour so long that when they came back they found out that N.Y.C. wasn’t there’s anymore, it was ours. And he also said and I quote “if yall (Cold Crush) would have battled us tonight y'all would have beaten us hands down” unquote. Then he said “we just did that to get things going our way because were going to be doing some shows in the city, that's all”. We told him we respected that and thanks for his honesty. But right after that night we decided that we were going to say their names in our Rhinestone Cowboy routine and not giving a fuck no more. The Treacherous 3 started saying their routine off of Boogie Wonderland with the Furious name in it too. So whenever Chase used Planet Rock in our shows we did Rhinestone Cowboy with the Furious call out. We did not see the whole Furious too much after that, just Mel and Scorpio in the Fever and shit, nothing else was said about that night but we never slept on them or no other group either!          




coldcrush-brothers-1.jpg (13695 bytes)There ended up being a battle but not until the mid nineties and I was not there, Cowboy (R.I.P.) was not there either. The Furious 5 lost to the Cold Crush Brothers in the Paramount theater!


Note: Portions of this monthly editorial are excerpts from J.D.L.s forth coming book titled J.D.L. THE MAN THE MYTH….THE LEGEND…(The Untold Truth)