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JAYQUAN : Peace.... its an honor.....Cold Crush & Furious 5 are my favorite crews

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AD : Thanks

JQ : I dont have any written questions , but I have a bunch of stuff to ask . What   year did Cold Crush form ; and who are the original members ?

AD : Well around '78 it was me , Tony Tone , Charlie Chase , Mr.T , Whipper Whip and Dotta Rock .  In ' 79 Dotta Roc and Whip wanted to join a crew with a bigger name so they hooked up with the L Brothers . I really didnt want them to leave , but they wanted to be more known than what we were . Then  KG & JDL came , then Charlie Chase brought Caz in ; and we were the Cold Crush 4 Emcees .


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JQ : How did Wild Style come about for Cold Crush - were there auditions of any kind ?

AD : No auditions , Fab   5 Freddy was puttin together a lot of stuff for the movie and he put us down . We were supposed to be in the end at the ampitheatre shot , but we had like 5 show offers that night - Charlie Ahearn didnt want to pay us for the scene ; so we did another show .

JQ : Im not sayin this just because im talking to you , but the main reason I watch Wildstyle is for your performancesand  Flash in the kitchen.....the whole movie was ill , but those are the parts I still go back to...Ive had Wild Style on home video since ' 86 - I have a Copy from Canada - way before Rhino put it out ; so I been watchin those scenes since then .  Did you have any idea at the time that Wild Style would be a cult classic?

AD : Not at all , we were just havin' fun with it , I just used to always ask Charlie (Ahearn) why he focused so much on the art  and not the music....he thought the art was more important  at the time .

JQ : A lot of  crews from your era dont own any rights to their music , does the Cold Crush get any royalties ?

AD : No doubt...I was in France not too long ago doing licenseing for a compilation...we still get checks from Wild Style too.

JQ : A lot of people see Caz as they saw Melle Mel , like the standout Emcee in the crew...that caused some rifts in the Furious 5 , was that a problem for the Cold Crush ?

AD : Not at all ;  Caz is the Captain of the Cold Crush 4 - every man understands his place in the group . Caz is the greatest lyricist ever....he has a ryhme for everything ; some people are just born with an extraordinary amount of talent , and Caz is one of them . You would have to actually be in the group to understand our positions .

JQ : Yeah Caz is the truth ; from Evette , to rippin hecklers in the crowd to the multisyllable joints - Caz is nice. You cats set mad trends....everybody wanted to be like CC4 , Run Dmc seems to really admire you...they openly admit that they patterned a lot of their stuff from you.

AD : We go back with Run and fact JDL introduced Lyor Cohen to Russell Simmons . Once we did a show with Run and D when Sucker Mcs first came out ; Russell told us "My brother & them is gettin too big headed....I want yall to bust they ass".  We told him that they got a big hit record out , but they cant touch us in a battle. We are a battle group...we aimed to crush any crew and thats what we did .

JQ : Indeed .. in the late 80s Almighty KG put out a record on B Boy records called " Feel The Horns " , the record says Cold Crush Bros with Dj Tony Crush...were you all still together ?

AD : Yeah we were....that was just KG doin a lil solo thing - Tony Crush was Tony Tone .

JQ : What is the Cold Crush up to now ?

AD : We are touring....we did a joint with Puffys rock band - Fuzz Bubble , and the Cold Crush web site is coming soon. We are very busy....we are not bitter at all - a lot of Emcees from our time are bitter , but we arent. We dont feel like anybody owes us anything...they need to get out of that mentality of  - " the new cats could at least put us on a verse " - man do your own record and put it out , like everyone else is doing . We did our thing ; our history and legacy is bigger than anybodys hit record. Just like Dr. J and those cats got the pay for that era  - Shaq and Iverson are making 5 times that and more....its just a new time .

JQ : Thats a good way to look at it , Kurtis Blow told me something very simular to that. Tell me about your new web venture .

AD : Its Hip Hop collectibles....its gonna have 50 or so pieces of memorabilia from the artists themselves. The first piece is gonna be an autographed 12" by Caz " MC Delight "  - about how Big Bank Hank took his ryhmes.I got some stuff from Dougie Fresh comin too . Its just a way to let the fans get a piece of history . Its gonna kick off on September 10th 2001 . Its not an auction site.

JQ : Lastly , what do you think of current so called Hip Hop...I guess we should say rap .

AD : I think that these rappers are portraying what they see as reality , and how they view society . I dont knock it , if I was 16 or 17 growing up today I probably would rap the same way .

JQ : I agree I just wish it was more the old school you had to really bring it lyrically because a lot of  times everyone had to rap to the same everyone was forced to listen to the lyrics . 95% of rappers that I hear today couldnt do that image , no marketing , no guest stars...just Emceeing - like on Wild Style everyone rapped to the " Down By Law " beat......but I feel that y'all killed it , just by slowing it down and doin the routine that you did . Thats the real .

AD : True - lyrical skills just aren' t profitable right now , but the truth always comes out...thats why I love history no matter how much its distorted the truth always comes out .

JQ : Peace....keep me posted on the collectibles and Cold Crush sites . ...again its an honor .

AD : I will.....keep in touch Peace.

2001 Magnetic Soundworx        As told to JayQuan Aug 27 2001