Damn these cats are mad nice . The thing with Old School Hip Hop is that unless you heard it when it first came out it can sound foriegn and dated . Not so with legendary Crash Crew . The Crash Crew are Dj Daryll C ( R.I.P ) , G Man , La Shubee , Barry Bistro , Ek Mike C and Reggie Reg .  Every man held his own in the Crash and there was no leader or frontman . The Crash Crew also used a lot of harmonizing in their routines .  This Crew met at a talent show in 77 . In 80 they pressed up their own single on Mike & Dave records called " Hi Powered Rap " . They sold this single out of the trunk and solidified their spot as a force to rekon with. On this single they went by the name Force Of The 5 Mcs   .


That single caused a little beef with the Furious 5 because the single " Freedom " used the same break .." Get Up and Dance " .  In 1980 the crew signed to Sugarhill records and dropped " We Wanna Rock " .  Later came " We are Known As Emcees " , " On The Radio "  , " Breaking Bells " and " Here We Are " . Breaking Bells was their best work and could easily contend with any of the trash out today . crashold.jpg (17696 bytes)Breaking Bells combined the trademark harmonizing , doperhymes and a replayed Bob James " Take Me To Mardis Gras " break .  As with most old school groups , the Crash were taken advantage of , and still dont own the rights to any of their works . Sadly Dj Daryll C died in 1999 of cancer . Before he passed ; the Crash Crew released " The Real Hip Hop / Champagne Flights " in 96 . This was actually a solid release for a crew that has been performing as long as Crash Crew . It was a little too gangster - which is a big mistake that many old schoolers make when trying to comeback . Along with Furious 5 and Cold Crush , Crash Crew was untouched .









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