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JAYQUAN : Peace....Crash is one of my very honored.

Yoda : Peace thank you......glad we could finally talk.

JQ :Lets start with the original name for the Crash Crew as a was Poison Clan right ?

Yoda : Yes , we were 25 deep....the Crash Crew is just 5 top Emcees ......but the whole click was the Poison Clan.

JQ : You guys started a basketball league....kinda like a Emcee all star type thing ?

Yoda : Yes... the Entertainers Tournament......we had Treacherous 3 , Furious 5 ,Disco 4 and Sugarhill Gang to name a few. It started at Rutgers Park . Greg G from Disco 4 still runs that tournament till this day at Mt Morris.crashpress.jpg (15417 bytes)

JQ : Its funny that you mention Sugarhill was it at the Sugarhill label...with so many authentic groups being signed and then Sugarhill , who never really paid any dues was there ....was everyone friendly and respectful to them ?

Yoda : Yes....but because we had to be . They were the big money makers for the label ; and even though they were a put together group , and we didn't like what they stood for - we were polite to them because we had to be.

JQ : What was the atmosphere at the label.....did everybody  hang out at the studios or in the lobby ? - There were so many big names...was  it like we see on the Motown movies...everyone chillin.

Yoda : Not really...we were one of the few Manhattan crews besides Treacherous 3...and we kept to ourselves....we recorded our joints and left.The tour bus was like a Motown revue though...Sugarhill Gang , Crash Crew , Furious 5 , Sequence , Funky 4....all the groups.

JQ : Damn....did anyone get pictures....does anything like that exist ? I woulda flipped as a kid to see all you cats together in one spot !!

Yoda : Rodney C from Funky 4......he may have some.....but there aren't that many...we didn't really know at the time what we were doing....that we were making history or that Hip Hop would ever be so big.

JQ : There was a little beef between Crash and Furious 5 over both of you using the "Get Up And Dance" break by Freedom. How big did the beef actually get.

Yoda : Well it got big...never physical...but we would tour with them and they would tell us that we couldnt do our record. But our joint was a routine in the parks before it was a record so we werent backing down.There was supposed to be a batlle for who could use the beat.."The Battle For Freedom" never happened though..

JQ: Your song was Hi Powered Rap. That was your first record right?

Yoda : Yes on Mike & Dave Records. It was the first single on that label.

JQ : Were Mike & Dave managers or what?

Yoda : Yes ....they were promoters that gave big jams...all the flyers you see will have  A Mike & Dave production , or Bros Disco.We sold that record out of the trunk of our cars...the first 500 had white labels with a      checkerboard design on the B side. Everything after that had the black with gold writing.....those were our colors. Mike & Dave also had Boogie Boys , Rob Base , Dougie Fresh and Biz Markie.

JQ : Did that single land you your deal with Sugarhill?

Yoda : Kinda....they were scooping up all the hot groups...we were the premiere group in Manhattan. We were a self contained unit...we had our own Djs , Emcees , equipment , management and security......we didnt have to go outside or our crew for anything.

JQ :I have a record that Tuff City put out on you guys...were you ever signed to Tuff City , and it says from the vaults of World To World...what is World To World ?

La Shubee :We were never signed ....but we gave them some of our outtakes and throw away material. So they have the rights to it.... World To World was a management company....we did some stuff with Howie Tee on there.


JQ: Teddy Riley produced a joint on there.."Crash Crew Is Back" from did that come about ?

La Shubee : We knew him from back in the days in Manhattan and he was a producer for the label so he liked us from back then so we worked together . None of that was ever released....they would put it out there , then take it got a buzz , but they kept pulling it....then they sold the track to Al B Sure.

JQ :Ok you cats never had a full Lp...but Sugarhill put out a mini lp with some older joints and a song called "Scratching".....but it is has no Scratching and it is instrumental......what was the deal.

La Shubee :You are right we never did an Lp...and Scratching wasnt finished . They took our promo pictures...the ones on the bikes and used  it for the cover. We never finished that song...they just put it out.

JQ : Ok....even more strange is I have a cd from overseas called..." The Crash Crew - We Are Emcees " it has that same track  with vocals but its called " We want You To Dance " .

La Shubee : Yes.....that was still unfinished....they also released "Ice Cream"   ..."Charlie Brown" and " Mc Wars"....they were all unfinished demos.

JQ : What was the deal with "On The Radio"  being on Bay City  instead of Sugarhill?

La Shubee : Yeah they would do that.....they had different labels....when we would ask about the books ; they would say....oh that didnt do well - it was on Sugarhill. They had 4 or 5 labels they released under.She (Sylvia Robinson) said she loved us all like we were her children - but she robbed us.

JQ : How about 2468(Here We Are) had a mellow version on Sugarhill....then my Tuff City copy has a  more up to date drum machine version.

La Shubee : Yeah the mellow one is the original....the drum machine version was a remix that we did.



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