By JayQuan



Jam Master Jay never did anything that blew my mind. I mean like Mix Master Ice or Grandmaster Dee at the Fresh Fest or Grandmaster Flash on his “Adventures” 12 inch single. The word that sums up the legacy of Jam Master Jay is dependable. Jay was the kind of D.J. that every Emcee from the era of rocking over 2 records wanted. If you’ve ever seen Run DMC live then you know that Jam Master Jay is always on time. Don’t get my first sentence confused; records like Peter Piper, My Adidas , Jay’s Game, Hit It Run and Jam Master Jay have respectable cuts and scratches. In fact they complement the songs perfectly. Jay never over did it, and he understood where a scratch should go. I never saw him do any incredible back spinning – and that’s not to say that he couldn’t or that he didn’t. What I did witness every time that I saw him was one of the most consistent and dependable D.J.’s out there. The Run DMC live show depended on Jay from the intro until they left the stage and I never witnessed him miss a beat. Every Fresh Fest, every television appearance and every recording – right on time. R.I.P. JMJ.