Moe Dee -VS- Busy Bee Battle

                                        From The words of Moe Dee told to Jayquan. L.A. & Troy L.


Moe: Busy Bee got beside himself that night and I let my ego get caught up in it. The way it started was Busy was on stage doing the Busy Bee theatrical Ali shit. "Take a picture of me with this trophy this is my shit right here, this is me Busy Bee I donít even know why I am here, I donít lose Iím undefeated. Yall know how its going down, let these bums go on ahead of me, Iím knocking out all bums. Brothers was laughing, But somebody from crowd said you lucky Moe Dee ainít in it, and Busy sayís to him "it donít make a difference whoís in it this is the Chief Rocker Busy Bee this is my trophy". The agitator says, "yea but if Moe Dee is in it".

L.A.: I was laughing at him when he was talking shit. But Moe took things to heart. I felt what Busy Bee said was kind of harsh.

Moe: So the agitator is pushing the fight, so Busy has to defend himself and he ends up dissing me by saying "it donít make a difference whoís in it, ainít nobody beating me." So Iím like did he just say that?, and the craziness of it all, is I never had a problem with him. In fact him and Spoonie were real cool which I used in the rhyme. Him and L.A. Sunshine use to run together also, so things were real cool with us before this battle.


Moe: So this night I am hosting the show because we just finished putting out a record. We were hot so I was like the celebrity host. After he said those words I was standing there, saying did he say that ,and one of the brothers screamed out "what you going to do now". So I am literarlly pushed into the circle to fight. So Iím like oh shit. I run upstairs and I tell Charlie Rock who is also hosting the show "Yo put my name on the list" He said "What". I said "Put my name on the list Iím in the contest". Heís like "you getting in it". I said "yes and put my name right after Busy Bee" Charlieís like "alright"

L.A.: Moe did not make a move on Busy until the last minute. Once he did I could see that he was in deep thought. Moe is a very analytical person. He wasnít in meditation, he was just looking like alright what am I going to do, he always tries to be a step ahead of the game like "what is he going to do if I say this or that" and at the same time he is practicing the rhyme trying to get the rhythm of the rhyme. So I was like let me go with my boy. I was so confident in us, we werenít just some shit talking rappers, we werenít the type of cats who said canít nobody fuck with us. But we believed that. So my thoughts were lets have some fun this is going to be the shit. I didnít even know I was going to be in it until he started doing the fast rhyme and my part came up. I even sounded surprised on the tape.

Moe: I felt it was like the funniest little anomaly in hip hop for me again in my personnel journey. Iím like the rhyme is damn near off the top of my head, kind of thrown together. Iím stumbling through it. Iím not really flowing confidently. You could hear "he changed the shit to his favorite jeans come on Busy Bee tell me what the that means". Iím fighting to find the words to fit in, itís the closest thing to free stylin now which is basically coming from off the top of the head. I jotted it all down, and had it in my head. You know I didnít memorize the rhyme because I was doing it right then, because he talked shit earlier.

L.A.: Before they started there where two Busy Bee fans from the audience trying to play me. Saying I was on Moeís dick, cause when ever something jumped off Iím always behind Moe Dee. But after Moe kills it these same two clowns are jumping up in down giving each other a pound, talking about Moe Dee is the man. So thatís when you hear me on the mic saying to these two clowns thatís why I am on Moe Deeís dick.


Moe: The reality was I still would have won that night but the Harlem world Crew was like "nah we going to milk this".The judges saw, Busy Bee getting a lot of screams from his people from the Bronx, and they were not going to let him lose no matter what. I had a lot of people from Manhattan that was just not going to let me lose but were like "nah nigger did you hear what just happen" So the Harlem World Crew were like "We are going to bring yall back in 4 days, cause this is a draw. Were going to do it on New years Eve which was another way it promote it, to make money. It started out as a Christmas M.C. Contest. And it was suppose to end on the 27th.They were like nah lets extend it to next week to the first.

L.A.: The Harlem World Crew were justifiable for what they did because the crowd was equal to both Moe and Busy.

Moe: New Years night was not recorded because there was technical problems. So there was no tape, maybe a reel to reel. So the way I finally won, I was doing a show in Long Island, that night of the show with the Disco Twins. I had to be back by 2:00am that was the dead line. I was telling Charlie Rock and Elvin I canít do this I am in Long Island. "Well we are doing it on the first weíll give you till 2am "Iím like this is some bullshit", but they wanted to make there money. So it was like a scene from the movies. When I got back it was like 5 minutes to 2:00am, and Busy Bee was talking shit and we had to find a parking space cause we couldnít just leave the car out there. I was like nah we going around the block and it was like 2 minutes to 2 and they were getting ready to pull the plug. I told L.A. Sunshine to get out the car go in and tell them Iím coming. L.A. got out ran in told them Moe is here.

L.A.: To get to the stage at Harlem World you had to walk straight through the crowd or take a longer walk to the right and when you get to the stage make a right. When I get in there itís quit cause Busy is talking shit so I bust in telling Busy yea Moe is here so you can kill all that. So get ready. Iím trying to kill time a minute later Moe busts in. Now you hear mur murs and "oh shit this shit is about to go down".

Moe: Busy Bee is in the middle of speech. "I told mother fuckers that Iím the chief rocker, I never lose I ainít lost in 2 years. Iím undefeated, I told you he ainít going to show, he knows that was a fluke the other night. I am the chief rocker". So he turned the crowd against him. So I get out the car and ran in through the crowd and they open like the Red Sea. I jumped up on the stage and turned my hat around and said "yoÖ. I wasnít here but based on the limitations of my so called adversaryÖ..."I just started dissing him right off the back. "I was like I know he donít have anything else in his arsenal but this is what yall just heard". "Clap ya hands come on, come on, know body can do it like this Busy Bee can." D.J. Lee threw on Funky President and I just started rhyming like Busy Bee. "The ba diddy ba the dang diddy dang, do ya love your mother, do ya love your father, your sister". Moe Dee says real slow "do you love your brother, your favorite jeans, whatís your sign," and then Moe starts yawning and the crowd goes bananas. I didnít even have to rhyme, the crowd was laughing so hard. Brothers were throwing there hats down on the floor saying I was a funny brother. Then I turned my hat around and said "in a battle you wanna hear rhymes" and Lee threw on heartbeat and that was it. When it was over Charlie Rock the judge, got up on the stage and said I donít think I have to ask! So he calls out to the crowd "Busy Bee" and the crowd is silent. "Kool Moe Dee" and the crowd goes berserk. Charlie Rock says well this one dosenít need a recount. Thatís it.

L.A.: I didnít see Busy Bee once Moe got on, he might have broke out right while Moe was on. When it was over we took pictures with the trophy. We did a show in Long Island earlier, so we had on rust leather blazers, rust beige silk pants and Pierre Cardan shoes. The feelings on the streets after that was people were just in awe. That show is the most popular show on tape probably more popular then the Cold Crush battling the Fantastic 5. If it were a record it probably would have went platinum.

Troy L. Smith