Norman Thomas High School Boat Ride


                                                                                        By J.D.L. and Troy L. Smith

It was not an easy task to get to Norman Thomas H.S. period, let alone play on the senior trip to Bear Mountain by Dayline Boat. How it came about was it was a party given in the high school and the group Fantasia were supplying the music at the time, and me and Tony Tone went there to check it out and possibly get a date to play at Norman Thomas. So being that Fantasia is just a D.J. crew that had no m.c.s , however Kool Moe Dee and Special K attended the School. I have an Aunt that’s about 48 days older then me and happened to be on the student committee. So Tone spoke to my aunt and the student committee and they said they were looking for a good crew to do the senior trip. We, the Cold Crush were hot and on the rise and they knew it, so the committee gave us a date to play at their high school and that show would determine if we qualified to do the boat ride.

                        The show came and it was  jam packed. The Treacherous was on the flyer with us and we turned it out like the school had never been turned out before. I say that because anytime the alliance hooked up together it was really something to experience - the alliance being Cold Crush, Treacherous 3, Fearless 4, and Dougie Fresh. So the next week after the show, we signed a contract to do 2 senior trips to Bear Mountain, one with Norman Thomas and Murray Bertram High Schools. The other one with Norman Thomas and Julia Richmond High School. Tickets to the Boat ride were sold out within a week after they went on sale. Cold Crush Brothers had the bottom deck. A lot of D.J.s and M.C.s came. D.J. Breakout of the Funky 4, Crazy Eddie, O.C. and the Fearless 4, D.J. Easy Lee and the Treacherous 3 as well.

            Going up towards Bear Mountain everything was real cool, everybody mingling. Tone was getting  our system just right, he played whatever was hot on the radio and all the hip hop hits. We had kept the emceeing to a minimal with crowd interaction letting them know that on the way back we was going to rock the boat! Everyone knew in advance the activities being provided once we got to bear mountain. There was swimming volleyball, basketball and picnics. People brought their swim wear, boom boxes, blankets and crazy food, I mean you name it! Everybody was dressed in bright spring and summer colors looking real fly and everything. So the boat docked at Bear Mountain and people got off in droves to enjoy themselves and bask in the sun on this glorious event. It was between six and seven hundred people that attended being that the capacity for the boat was about 750. We walked around socialized, had a basketball game against the Treacherous 3 and they won but it was all fun. I was with a girl who went to Norman Thomas and now teaches there. 3 hours was the time we all had to enjoy ourselves before the day liner was to return to N.Y.C. Boarding back on the boat you can actually feel the anxiety and anticipation of the show that’s about to jump off soon as the boat starts moving. Charlie chase started revving up the sounds with upbeat tempo joints, mic stands set up. We (CC4) went to change out of our Bear Mountain clothes and get in our unison Cold Crush gear. This consisted of short sleeved leisure suits. Me and K.G. blue with dark blue mock necks, Caz and A.D. red with red mock necks. Foot wear at each emcee’s discretion. Me myself I rocked the white shell toe adidaas with blue stripes. Now we roll back to the set up. D.J. Tony Tone lets all know on the boat the Cold Crush 4 will be performing real shortly! Charlie Chase throws on a long joint to keep the people occupied while we plan our attack for today. Caz pulls the main record crate inside the small circle we formed and by the records he picks out tells us what routines will be done. So the order he picks is “Rocket in the pocket”, 8th wonder by Sugar hill gang (for dance steps). Love rap and Heartbeat by the Treacherous 3 and then we go into solo rhymes and the Treacherous 3 joins up to put the icing on the cake.

You just read the story of the Norman Thomas Boat Ride. If you want to hear the tape hit my partner Troy L. Smith at to own your copy of the boat ride of all boat rides.



Thank you J.D.L. from Troy L. Smith of the Grant Projects in HARLEM  One


Also Xtra special thanks to my man Joey Kane for the pics - JayQuan