With Troy L. Smith


Pebblee Poo of Master Don and the Def Committee 11/02

Interview by Troy L. Smith of Harlem N.Y.

Troy L. First off where did the name Pebblee Poo come from?

Pebblee Poo- My birth name is Pebbles. In junior high school 22 before a talent show I named myself Pebblee Poo. There was a lot of singing and dancing in these shows and I always took part in them. The didnít start until later on down the road.

Troy L. Where were you raised up at?

Pebblee Poo- I was raised up in the Bx. 167th st. Walton ave. around the corner from the Fever. We use to go to the block partyís at Grant ave.

Troy L. Who was the first m.c. to show you the way?

Pebblee Poo- Dr. Bombay was an m.c. who first showed me the way. Dr. Bombay use to hang out with T La Rock and a few others and we would be in class and just start beating on the desk. This went from jr. high to Taft high school. During those days there were many good m.c.s and there would be a line of us, so we use to just passed the mic down.

Troy L. Who was the first D.J. you seen?

Pebblee Poo- D.J. Smokey was the first real good D.J. I seen from the Bx.

Troy L. Was Master Don and the Def Committee the first and only group you were with?

Pebblee Poo- I started out by myself doing my thing. I later got down with a crew from Harlem known as the Untouchables! Mix Master Andre was their D.J. so I was with them for awhile even though I still lived in the Bronx. But now Kool Herc the God father of hip hop is starting to hear about me and so he wanted me to get down with his crew.. So I then became the first female m.c. for Kool Herc and the Herculoids. It was the first really stabilized group that I was making some real money with. Every week was a party. The Herculoids consists of La-Brew, J.C. and Clark Kent were the D.J.s. Sondra Dee and Sweet and Sour were the female m.c.s when I left. J.D.L. of the Cold Crush Brothers came towards the end of my tour with Herc.

Troy L. So how did you get down with Master Don?

Pebblee Poo- Master Don is my brother. He started hearing how well I was doing with Herc he wanted me to come to his group. So I meet all the members. Which consist of Gangster Gee, Boo ski, Keith K.C. and a Spanish m.c. came a lil later name Johnny Dee. This was about 1980 or 81 when the crew first started.

Troy L. What was the atmosphere like at a Master Don Def Committee show?

Pebblee Poo- There was many times we would do shows and there would be shoot outs, and then there would be other shows were everything would be peace. I remember performing in Pennsylvania with Lady B. and Hiram Hicks who managed New Edition use to book us shows over there and the crowds would treat us like the Beetles or something. We had good times and bad. But were ever we went they loved us, it was hard to believe. Often I could not believe how much the crowds where loving us. Me being in a lot of talent shows when I was younger, it was easy for me to set up routines and dance steps. So we had it made.

Troy L. Your right, I have a few live shows on tape were Don would cut off the music and y'all would be doing dance steps and the crowd would be going bananas. So I just visualized y'all doing some hellified dance steps and just giving the crowd a complete show.

Troy L. What was the beef between your crew and Doug E. Fresh? Because I have half a show on tape where they are suppose to be battling Doug and his crew.

Pebblee Poo- I personnel didnít have a problem with Doug at all. I believe it was just some words from his camp and some words from our camp going back and forth. But Doug loved Don and Don loved him.


Troy L. What was y'alls relationship with the other groups from Manhattan. Such as the Treacherous 3, Fearless 4 and Disco 4

Pebblee Poo- Nothing but love. If they were to do a show today like they did for Motown, there would be nothing but hugs and kisses and crying tears.

Troy L. Who was your favorite crew other then yours back in the day, that you liked to watch after doing your show?

Pebblee Poo- I loved to see everybodyís show. They all had me going the CC4 no.1 because they hey use to wear outfits. I use to love Fantastic cause they were so cool. So I liked how the people would scream for them. Fearless 4 (Pebbles screams and says) those are my boys. I love them they was like my partners in crime. Treacherous 3 there was nothing but love for them there shows were always tough.

Troy L. What was the treatment from all these guys from different groups?

Pebblee Poo- I was like the baby of Hip hop their little sister or big sister. They all looked out for me. So where every I was if anything happen these brothers all had my back.

Troy L. What about Zulu?

Pebblee Poo- Let me tell you how close we are. You ever heard of B.O.? We were each others first love, thatís how I got affiliated with Zulu. Bam was like my father (Smiling) still to this day. Much respect. Pow Wow is the man, heís a sweetheart. He will scream on you and I will join in. Heís just mad funny I love the whole group. They stand for what they believe in and speak on it. Sugar Ray who is still in the music business and Joe Kid where like my brothers even till this day. And I still keep in contact with them.

Troy L. How many routines did Master Don and the Def Committee have?

Pebblee Poo- What? You know those black and white composition books we had 5 of those books. We all collaborated on the routines. But the dance steps were all mine.

Troy L. Did you know the difference between Flashís beat box and Master Donís?

Pebblee Poo- Flash had a nice small one and would be doing his thing and Don had a big 808 that looked like a piano that I still have to this day that Bobby Robinson is trying to buy. But I am not selling!

Troy L. Where was your home base at?

Pebblee Poo- They were established in Harlem. But I lived in the Bronx and they always practiced in my house once I got down, cause Don moved back in with me. Donís land mark for outside jams was Bradhurst park on 147th st. here in Harlem. Harlem World was our favorite place to rock at. If you were somebody you were in Harlem World! For me it was like home, you could relax and be comfortable you knew half the people that came in there and half the crowd use to sing the routines with us.

Troy L. What was the wildest incident in a club for you?

Pebblee Poo- One year about 83 we were in this club in Queens I think it was called the Encore and it had ceiling to floor mirrors on the right side when you come in. Well the Cold Crush were to come on just when we were heading toward the dressing room. Then all of a sudden somebody bustís there gun. It was some drug gang going against another right there in the spot and all hell bust loose. We were running from the left side of the room to the other, away from the shooters. Then this fool with his gun comes running over by our side using us as a shield. People screaming. Another shooter is down on one knee shooting his gun behind tables. It was just like a movie in there. Then another gunmen would run from around the bar squeezing off. And you would just be wondering when is this going to end. My little sister is scared to death, shaking and had to be rushed to the hospital and now I am scared cause my grand mother told me to have her back at a decent hour and out of harms way. So my grand mother was going to kill me if they didnít.

Troy L. What was your relationship with Lisa Lee and Sha Rock?

Pebblee Poo- Those were my girls! It was me Lisa Lee, Sha Rock and Debbie Dee.

Troy L. Did they ever ask you to be apart of there group the Us Girls?

Pebblee Poo- No and to be honest with you I never wanted to be in a all girl group.

Troy L. As cool as your were did any of yall battle on the mic?

Pebblee Poo- No, if anything it was Sparky Dee that wanted to battle Sha Rock. One night we walked into the Roxy like we were 3 the hard way. We heard that Sparky Dee was coming at our girl Sha Rock and Sha Rock was my heart. So this chick wanted to battle Sha Rock but Sha is not the dissing kind she was more the group thing type m.c. with smooth voice etc. I was like let me get at her for you. Sha was like nah chill Poo chill let her do her thing. I was like "fuck that". See Sparky Dee use to wear this raccoon tail around her head or on her head and she use to always wear this tight black skirt. So I was like I can get a quick one two, one two real fast. This rhyme I made up at that moment was "She think she fly with that black mini skirt, running around screaming it hurt. She tryin' to run this game and come at my girl, think she all that, she need to take a look in the mirror and take off that raccoon hat.

So I went home purposely writing stuff just for her hoping she would call me out. I even challenged her later. But she didnít want know parts of me, and Sha Rock just ignored her. She just went on after somebody else. I later found out she was really cool people and she was just trying to make a name for her self.

Troy L.- Once you signed with Enjoy did the crew still do shows at the T- Connection or Harlem World etc.?

Pebblee Poo- We did all of the same spots and clubs but now we were going abroad. Like Florida and other out of town spots. We were just every where. So the money was there for the live shows, but the record company was not taking care of us like they should.

Troy L- Who wrote Funk box?

Pebblee Poo- Well Crazy Bobby Robinson said he wrote, produced and spoke on it. And said that he rhymed on it.

Troy L.- You got to be joking?

Pebblee Poo- He said that after he jerked us, so he signed so he can say he owned it. But Master Don and I wrote the theme Gangster Gee and the fellas did there own rhymes.

Troy L.- How did the sales do?

Pebblee Poo- The record went gold in Europe. It did good here but Bobby Robinson made us believe that it did not. So we were like "Oh lord itís not doing good". But we found out later that it was selling very good. Master Don produced it.

Troy L.- How did you get out of Enjoy records contract to get to Profile records? (Did y'all buy your way out or did the contract just run out?

Pebblee Poo- Nope! we never paid a dime. We had to get real thuggish to get off the label. We just told him straight up and down, we ainít on this contract NO MORE! Bottom line. We signed the contract back in the days cause we were so happy getting all that light about to have a record put on Mr. Magicís Rap Attack show etc. We could of made $200 and been happy. He gave us $10,000 for all of us which was $2000 a piece. Which was real good at that time. After that record we had shows every where. We even found out later on that he sold our record to a British company. They called us one day to come over to England to record a record with them but we were signed by Profile by this time so were not legally able to do it. Even though they offered us $10,000 a piece we had to turn them down.

Troy L.- What was the largest amount you and the crew would receive when doing shows out of town?

Pebblee Poo- $5000 a piece everything paid for. (Hotel, food, air fair. the works)

Troy L.- How was it being label mates with RUN DMC?

Pebblee Poo- We didnít hang out with them but they gave us full respect. If we seen each other at shows we were very cool with each other, nothing but love. On the raising hell tour in Atlanta and many other places they never got funky with us. Even though they were shining stars.

Troy L.- What was the response from the Boogie Boys after you made Fly Guy?

Pebblee Poo- They were O.K. with it. Boogie Knight rest in peace was in love with me, so he didnít care. He was like you "dissed us". He couldnít believe it. He was like were did you get that from. But everyone who knew me knew that you couldnít rank with me when it came to dissin' cause I was top notch.

Troy L- How did it go with Profile?

Pebblee Poo- It did not take long before they became a problem to us as well. Pumpkin later hooked me up with Malcolm Mclaren to do a record on a sound track called "Eiffel Tower" for a movie called "No small affair". This was during the time I was with Profile. I didnít care cause they wasnít doing there job. They were treating Run and them the same way so I wanted to be out by any means necessary.

Troy L.- What female rappers do you feel are close to your style and do you like of today?

Pebblee Poo- Queen Latifah. She has that strong impact. I like her style when she has a problem or sheís mad about something she puts it in her vocals, she does her thing. I like that kick behind her voice. Also Lil Kim. Thatís my girl sheís cool I like her style as well, but that cut she put out "whoís hot whoís not". I seen her one morning performing it at the Apollo and she killed it, ripped it. It was much better then the recording she did on her C.D. But on a whole I like her cause sheís like Madonna she donít give a Fuck, and I love Madonna.

Troy L.- What about m.c. Lyte do you think she is close to your style?

Pebblee Poo- Nope! But she is good when she does her thing. I have not heard her in a while but sheís good.

Troy L.- So on a whole how do you feel about the female rappers that market sex over rhyme skills.

Pebblee Poo- I donít have a problem with that I think its good that they can hold a trine and do there on thing. Once you become a rapper you can say what you want. Thatís the good thing about being a rapper. If somebody pisses you off you can put it in a record and say "yea I am talking about your stink ass" you know what I am saying. Itsí really good that the females can come out and do there thing. Only down side to female rappers is they donít know how to battle they have there little tit for tat but they donít know how to battle they donít know nothing about that. Itís not like back in the days. Back in the days you would be exploited and then slaughtered. Back in the days they didnít have a record, they would flip a coin and you had to do it live right there on stage and at times those battles would be so hot that you would have wanted to have made them records. Now a days they say there dis on a record and you would have to wait for the personís response if that person responded. But itís all good if that rapper is producing sales.

Troy L. So do you think DMX and Ja Rule beef is theater or are they really two cool brothers?

Pebblee Poo- I donít really know. But DMX is the man.

Troy L. Yea thatís my main dog Iím not really a JaRule fan. Heís alright but X is my man.

Pebblee Poo- Yea Ja Rule is O.K. but X be putting some lyrics down. See thatís some back in the days shit. The first album is a classic. He could put that album(C.D.) out again and come off. He could change the music and still use the same lyrics and still come off.

Troy L.- Who else do you like of the female m.c.s?

Pebblee Poo- Eve sheís smooth. Missy Elliot, how can I describe her, sheís unpredictable you never know what sheís coming out with. When I heard this one there playing now (Work it)! I was like "what the fuck"

Troy L.- Yea the beginning sounds nothing like what the rest of the song sounds like.

Pebblee Poo- Exactly! Iím like what is she doing even the elephant sound in the background is off the hook. She just donít care. Thatís a good thing, once you donít care they going to buy it. She can make anything! "my feet hurt" "my toes are swollen, hell yea, Its alright". And everybody is going to say yep. And they will buy it.

Troy L.- What about the guys?

Pebblee Poo- Buster, Redman and Meth. The best record Method did was with Mary J Blige. "your all I need" thatís my jam. Jay Z is cool but Nas is better. Nellyís funny he just makes happy records.

Troy L.- Tell me about your best show as a soloist?

Pebblee Poo- Well that would be in Toronto Canada where they showed me unbelievable love for "Fly guy". The hall looked like the club in "purple rain". I was in my dressing room and they were going berserk saying my name over and over but I had no idea what they were saying, because it was so loud. But they just kept saying it over and over. Pebblee Poo, Pebblee Poo and Iím like what are they saying? The stage manager said there calling your name. I was like get the hell out of here. D.J. Cheese was my D.J. they loved that man out there and they worshipped me. I couldnít believe it. When I walked on the stage and they were screaming I couldnít believe it. I couldnít even hear myself on the mic and all I said was "how y'all doing" and they went bananas. I did half of "Fly Guy" I couldnít even do the rest all I did was model from the right side of the stage to the left. I also had a routine where I had one dress under another outfit, when I took that off on the stage they lost their minds again.

Pebblee Poo- One thing I have a problem with from back in the days up and till now. is they gave me my respect when I am around but I feel disrespected that say, the movie wild style or anything pertaining to the history of hip hop. Female m.c.s from back in the days did not get the recognition that the fellas got. So when the fellas get on the mic and start talking about back in the days they need to mention the females. We were also apart of the history.

Troy L.- Good point!

Troy L.- Who do you still stay in contact with from back in the days?

Pebblee Poo- Well from time to time I still bump into a lot of people from back in the days but me and Sherry from Mercedes Ladies we are still real close.

Troy L.- Do you still stay in contact with any of the members of the Death Committee?

Pebblee Poo- I see K.C. once or twice a week Gangster Gee sings background for Luther Vandross and he does his own thing down in the village. Johnny is working with music on those luxury cruise ships. Boo Ski is still writing and him and Gangster are brothers.

Troy L.- Have yall ever got back together to do any shows?

Pebblee Poo- No. But K.C. is helping me put out 2 songs soon and I am writing my own lyrics. K.G. from the Cold Crush is also helping me with some tracks. As well as a new talent name P- Funk. Either me or a female that I have, is going to put it out. Her stage name is Masktress she is the female behind the mask itís a gimmick in the new year. I am also working with a young lady name Darlene Lewis on a compilation album. I am also going to open up my own record label. I also have something else on the burner but I canít talk about it right now. But it is something really needed in Harlem so we can have some fun. Thatís go to be blazin'. I work at a government owned company called "Project Enterprise". I help people start there own business. I say yea or nah to their loan. I  have my own business called "Simply Silk", which is flower arrangements. I have 70 plus weddings to do this year. I also do crab feast and lobster feast on bus rides.

As for me I am now married with children. I still get checks for Funk Box and Fly Guy. Every one should have a musical attorney thatís in the business and I graduated from a 25. to 380. just joking.

Troy L.- Yea right! Thank you Peebles.

I would like to give special thanks to my man Jayquan and Dagod 9 for the contributions to the story.

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