JayQuan : What year did the Treach form & how did you meet each other ?


L.A. : Well , Moe Dee & myself grew up on the same block , we knew each other since elementary school . K went to Norman Thomas high school with Moe . We hooked up in ' 77 or ' 78 . That was during the time when everbody had a Dj on their block. We were one of 3 Dj crews on that block . Our nieghborhood was a 3 - 4 block radius , and its like a hole in the wall , seperate from the main strip . Its called the Hill . The Hill is up from a park from St Nicholas Ave , which is a main street . In order to get to it you have to go through the park , so you cant just accidentally just turn and drive there. You would have to go 23 blocks in either direction to get up on that hill. Its like a world of its own. Within that radius you had 3 or 4 little Dj groups , but at the time it was relatively new to everyone . We all latched onto different cats , Moe Dee latched onto Easy Lee ,  I latched onto Reggie Reg and eventually the 2 Djs combined and put their equipment together , and we formed a group called the Fantastic 4 . t3car.jpg (20203 bytes)That was our first name . Spoonie G & Lee were like brothers , but Spoonie was always scared to rap , but after seein me & Moe he came around and started rappin' . It was me , Moe , Spoonie and the 2 Djs . We got another Dj - Crazy Eddie who got down with us . We ened up havin' 3 Djs & 3 Emcees . We transformed to the Treacherous 3 when the record thing started  . Spoonie made his record & spun off , he was still a member of the Treach . Once his record blew up it became Spoonie G & the Treach 3 'cus Spoonie had a name .


JQ : So your first official record together was New Rap Language / Love Rap ?


L.A. : Yes


JQ : Who was the person the influenced you to Emcee ?


L.A. : Hollywood....I saw him at the Appollo at the intermission of a Whispers concert , I always was into R & B more than rap , and I still am . So I was enjoyin the Whispers , and at the intermission the spotlight went to Hollywood , off to the side of the stage  . He threw on Apache , and I was done . And the response that he recieved made me say wow . If I had not seen that , I may have still gotten into it , because we were rappin' but not seriously . I was baby Hollywood - that wasnt my name , but I did whatever I saw him do .


JQ : Was there any beef or rivalries with other crews ?


L.A. : We had a competition thing with Furious 5 , because they were top notch & sellin' a lot of records . I think they viewed us as their competition , I dont know if they would admit that or not .They used to just shit on us for no reason -" Treacherous 3 , them niggas aint shit , they from Manhattan , we sold way more records than them niggas " - just outta the blue for no reason . When somebody is that way you obviously are a threat .


JQ : Did you sense that any other crews felt that you were less authentic because you were from Harlem ?


L.A. : We were the first cats from Harlem to represent on the mainstream , you had Crash Crew , Masterdon and all them cats , but we were of the upper echolon in rap early  , but being that it originated in the Bronx - even though thats a stones throw away from Harlem , we were viewed as different . We were recieved   , but im sure the Emcees were like they aint got it . Bronx attitudes were different from Manhattan attitudes , almost like night and day . We won them over and proved ourselves .


JQ : Did your Enjoy deal come about as a result of Spoonie being Bobby Robinsons nephew ?


L.A. Yeah, Bobby has been in the business all his life . Once rap started being recorded he was looking for groups that could rap - and it just happened to fall in his lap . He already had Furious & Funky . The fact that the biggest Manhattan group happened to be his nephews group , it was just a no brainer . The prerequisite was that we do one side with just Spoonie . New Rap Language didn't get play much because it was the flip side of Love Rap , which was one of the most infamous records in Hip Hop history . Every Dj had two copies and it became a breakbeat . You're not considered a Hip Hop Dj if you dont have it . When I count the platinum records that I sold , but can't prove - thats one of 'em .



J.Q. : Where did the fast rhymes come from ?


L.A. : That was Moe . It came from him & Special K competing all the time in school . It was friendly competition , but K used to walk around the halls rhyming ,and at lunch time they would go back and forth and K just spit out a fast rhyme & blew it up . The next day K came with his fast rhyme .


JQ : Before rap records were made , what was the cultural climate like in the jams ?


L.A. : It wasn't wild and ra ra   , it was laid back . The 5 % were representing an awful lot , the Zulus were reppin an awful lot , the whole aura was just a party . The thuggest of the thugs were just sweatin' bullets partyin' .


JQ : What was your honest opinion of Rappers Delight when it came out ?


L.A. : I was mad , they didn't deserve that shit . I wasnt envious , but I felt the same way about them that I did about Run & them - you're taking somethin' that aint yours and calling it yours . I don't blame them for being in the right place at the right time - they both helped take the culture to another level , but when you get there you aint supposed to perpetuate the myth and misconception. Instead of saying  "if y'all only knew"...they said " yeah w'ere the best we started it " .


JQ : On Enjoy did you have a lot of creative control ?


L.A. : Yeah we did it all , although the record may say produced by Bobby Robinson . We weren't very musically inclined , but we told the musicians what to play . Like with "At The Party" - it was the bassline to 7th Wonder , but we changed it to avoid lawsuits . " Body Rock" had the bassline to Freedom  , basically slowed up.


JQ : When you did Body Rock , did you look at it like you were makin the first rap/rock song ?


L.A. :  Not really , we knew we were doing something that had never been done . The cat playin guitar , we let him go where he was goin . It didn't sound like rap , but it was fat . Because of that record , we did shows with the Clash , we played the Mud Club and other places that we would never have played.


JQ : What was your favorite Enjoy release by Treacherous ?


L.A. : At The Party....Heartbeat blew up , but I got tired of it .


JQ : Was Heartbeat your most succesful record according to Enjoy ?


L.A. : Yes other than Love Rap. I was in the Enjoy warehouse looking thru old records and stuff & I came across platinum records of Love Rap. The records werent in the casings , but it had the serial number . It said double platinum .


JQ : Did you see royalties from that ?


L.A. : Nah...we got paid in a brown paper bag . We got $3000 a piece once and we were cool . It was a lot of money back then. It sounds corny , but we weren't in it for the money . If we had enough to but new outfits we were cool.


JQ : I noticed that most groups went from Enjoy straight to Sugarhill , were your contracts sold ?


L.A. : Ours were , only ours...everyone else was swooned over there . They were on tour buses ,they had big houses and pools , one hundred dollar bills spread out . Enjoy was in Harlem , we had Chinese food when we had our meeting , they ate at fish houses over at Sugarhill . Sugarhill was the first time that I saw tour buses . At Enjoy Bobby rented a station wagon , with our equipment and clothes .


JQ : Was the financial situation any better at Sugarhill ?


L.A. : It was really about the same , but we were at Enjoy for a shorter stay. After awhile I became a rebel , I was already street ; Moe was more college and K was educated , but I was on my own since I was 14 . Well after awhile I knew that a lot of money was being made , but we weren't seeing any of it . I literally told Joe Robinson (co founder of Sugarhill) that I had to leave a meeting because I was about to invite his wife somewhere that she didnt want to go . It got to the point that when I came to the building , they were announcing that I was on the lot . I actually  had to bring some of my boys up there . Thats why I stopped making records...I was gonna have to hurt somebody .


JQ : I noticed on the Treach 3 lp on Sugarhill , that you had a gash on your forehead , then on the Old School Flava lp you had a song called True Story , where you described getting injured - is that actually how that gash came about .


L.A. : Actually I have 2 now . The one on the Sugarhill lp came from me falling when I was four years old . The second one on Old School Flava actually happened in a club like the song says.


JQ : Why weren't you on Grafitti Rock with Moe & K ?


L.A. : That was during the time that I wasn't in the group , I left the group because of her (Sylvia) . t3battle.jpg (15771 bytes)


JQ : To your knowledge what prompted Moe Dee to go solo ?


L.A. : We did Gotta Rock , and the flip side was Turn It Up . I told them that I wasnt makin no more records . Moe was live or die Hip Hop at the time , and he was well recieved at Sugarhill . He wrote some stuff for Sugarhill Gang. They told him that he could go into the studio whenever he wanted . So he did Turn It Up solo. There was no animosity between us at all , in fact when he did shows I was right there , and I did choreography on all his videos . Special K didn't appreciate the fact that Moe went solo and didnt take him along . Not in defense of Moe but , me & Moe grew up together , and I was doing all the dance steps . Even in the Treach days I brought the dancing and stage show aspects to the table . K was odd man out 'cus he couldnt dance , and there was no room for another Emcee .


JQ : How did you get selected for Beat Street .


L.A. : Steven Hager is the person who wrote Beat Street . It was originally gonna be a book . They contacted me , I was like the spokesperson for the group . It blew up real quick , it went from the book form to a movie in a year . By the time it gets to Hollywood its retold , rewritten etc . The 3 names for the main characters came from us . Double K was Special K , Ramo was Moe & Charlay was L.A. . They just twisted it and made it more universally Hip Hop. We laugh about it now , the book started about us and ends up with us in this little part in the movie .


JQ : Sylvia gets production credit for many Sugarhill releases , was it that she just had a good ear for what breakbeats the band should play ?


L.A. : Yes , she knew what she was doing , and how to make a hit .


JQ : Did you ever think that Hip Hop would be anywhere near as big as it is now ?


L.A. : Never . Moe knew that it was gonna be big . I never thought much about it back then . I never really rapped because I thought that I was good at it . I could do it , but it wasnt something I loved. I liked performing more . I wasnt as much into the writing , it comes through if you ever hear a tape or see me live - my rhyme may not be as good as everyone elses , but my performance would make you think that it was.


JQ : Im gonna name some Emcees , rate them from 1-10 , 10 being the highest .


Caz - 9 (only because im reluctant to give anybody 10)

Rakim - 8

T La Rock - 7

Moe Dee - 9

Special K - 8

LL Cool J - 9

Lil Rodney C - 7

Nas - 7 (I have never seen him perform - just what I know of him)

Kid Creole - 7

Rahiem - 8

Cowboy - 7

Scorpio - 6

Run - 7

Chuck D - 8

DLB - 8

Busy B - 9 (because of his showmanship)

Doug E Fresh - 9

Jay Z - 7

Ice Cube  - 7

Ice T - 8

G.L.O.B.E - 9 ( I wish that I had made Play That Beat)

Big Daddy Kane - 9

KRS - 9

Kool G Rap - 9

Shan - 7


JQ : I heard that you had some beef with Cowboy back in the day , was that Hip Hop related ?


L.A. : At first , like I said they never really liked us . What happened  was  - we were playing ball at the entertainers tournament . Someone kicked some paper on the court , and I kicked it off . It hit his shoe and he went off . I mean he took it to another level - took his watch off and threw it up in the mountains. I was a jokester , so I was like "see you threw your watch - now you dont have a watch and we are not even gonna fight". He was threatening to kill me & everything . It turned out that he liked this girl that wasn't giving him any play . She wanted to get with me .



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